Ruhollah Khomeini

A  "holy" Man on a Mission to Destroy Iran his early speeches upon his doomed arrival are banned in Iran, because they contained too many lies and would remind the people that he was a charlatan

A Possessed Lunatic  historic background of gojastak Khomeini

Women in Islam, gojastak khomeini's views in Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation  "A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate." - Khomeini (Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution)

Holy Crimes

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 This is Islamic (Hadith, Not Quran) punishment for an adulteress that, to be fair, goes back to the old Bible. (Surprised?)
It shows that the Jewish God, too, has a mean and revengeful character. This is not a movie folks. In broad daylight, they are burying a human being to be stoned to death. Although I am not certain how many times these acts have been carried out in Iran (on 12/16/2006 I saw four on PARS TV, filmed in Iran) but even once is a good indicator of what Khomeini's Islamic regime has done to Iran.

 Today Iranians are paying a tremendous price, literally with their blood, for their lack of (political) awareness, when they united in their millions against the Shah in late 70’s, and were deceived by their own (religious) ignorance. They believed the mad man Khomeini when he promised to deliver the Heavens, if they just got rid of the Shah. They did, and he reneged. Shortly before his return to Iran, Khomeini had said that Iranians should and would have free education, health care, electricity, transportation, to name a few, and above all freedom. He had said he was a religious man that did not want to interfere in government’s affairs. Immediately upon his doomed arrival he said that he was the government, and that he would "slap this government's mouth" . The recordings of his fake promises, today, are banned in Iran because they contain so many lies, and unmask the great ayatollah as a blood thirsty, Iran hating charlatan that he really was.

For obvious reasons, there is no document readily available that proves Khomeini was the West’s choice for Iran, once it had been decided that the Shah’s usefulness had expired. No doubt in the future, this, too, as the 1953 coup by the C.I.A. will be made public. Nonetheless, Iran’s half a century history, from late 20’s to late 70’s, does readily indicate that the West is indeed very much interested in Iran. Why then would the West suddenly stop what it had been doing for more than 50 years: installing and then uninstalling regimes, and let a 79 year old rag head lunatic jeopardize its interest? That said, it becomes evident why Khomeini was, albeit not ideal, the best choice the West could come up with given the direction of Iranian people’s movement, and the magnitude of their frenzied demonstrations during 1978. It's my firm belief that the big powers of the world, due to their malicious desire to keep other nations poor and needy, correctly calculated that no one could bring more damage and destrucyion to Iran, and kill more people and get away with it but a religious figure that people would initialy idolize to their religious ignorance:  enter gojastak all fits like pieces of a puzzle. And by the time people figure out they have been had; it would be too late, the thugs will have taken control, own all the money and power, and established their roots all over the world using Iran's oil..

Detailed discussion of what led the West, mainly the U.S.A. and Grear Britain to come up with this decision is beyond the scope of these pages. Suffice it to say that if Khomeini had not been chosen by the West, he would not have ended up in a palace in France. And if he had managed miracalously to negotiate his way into France, they would have either prevented his plane from departing, shoot it down once it did or let Shah’s willing army generals do it.

It was unfortunate for the Iranians that their king, due to his cancer, and constant fear of being assassinated by the C.I.A., had lost his will to fight. Had he let his hawkish generals do what they wanted to do, eliminate Khomeini, and told Mr. Carter and the Europeans to mind their own business, like Iran’s new chimpanzee president is doing today, Iran would not have suffered a free fall into darkness and misery. While it is true that exterminating Khomeini, as a disease and misery carrying pest that he was, would have escalated the demonstrations; however, any outcome of such undertaking, but dropping an atomic bomb, would have been better for Iran. During my college years, I had always been critical of Shah's tyranny; but now, with mullahs choking and raping Iran, I am convinced that he should have put his life on line, and hung on to his country with all his might. If that meant killing more people, or being killed himself, so be it. That sounds terrible, but in a Monday morning quarterbacking style, had the Shah killed 10-20 thousand more 1-either the chaotic uprising would have become a real revolution in which the leftist or nationalists would have taken control leaving no room for the religious douche bags or 2- Shah's regime would have stayed in power. Either way, hundreds of thousands of lives would have been spared, and Iran would not have slid back into the stone age. 

When Shah's head outgrew his hat, he started calling himself Aryamehr, meaning Sun of Arya (Arya refers to Iranians' race). Ironically, Iran did go into darkness after his departure. With him in power, Iraq's mad man Saddam would not have even fantasized attacking Iran, and more than a milion men would not have lost their lives.

Although we are obligated to look at and learn from the past, we should not dwell on it. What’s done is done. The bottom line is the Iranian people were duped once again. What makes that more painful is that, this time, they facilitated their own demise by falling for Khomeini’s lies. Now, If Iranians are to learn from their 1979 regime change, they must first unite, find ways to overcome the hardships they face today, and the inevitable brutality they will encounter when the mullahs order their tanks and machine guns onto the streets to suppress their-the sooner the better- uprising. Easier said than done.

Thanks to the Islamic Republic regime "Iran Has the highest proportion of opiate addicts in the world." U.N. Study
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